How To Increase Facebook Shares

Shares are an extremely valuable action within Facebook. Shares take Posts from one user’s feed and immediately seed it into the “Sharer’s” feed for their friends to see, which can create a viral effect on Facebook. It’s important for your Posts to receive a mixture of Likes, Comments, and Shares.

Shares tend to perform well during Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It’s hard to tell exactly why these days perform above average, but it’s worth noting. In the chart below, you can see that the increase of Shares on Tuesday and Wednesday resulted in an increase of Clicks on these same days. Additional Shares are creating more impressions which lead to more Clicks.

Day of Week Avg Shares/Fans Avg Clicks/Fans
Sunday 0.09% 0.43%
Monday 0.09% 0.39%
Tuesday 0.10% 0.47%
Wednesday 0.11% 0.49%
Thursday 0.09% 0.41%
Friday 0.09% 0.35%
Saturday 0.08% 0.39%

A simple tactic to increase Shares can be as simple as asking your fans to Share your content. The hardest challenge with Sharing is creating content your fans will actually want to rebroadcast. The fan must be comfortable with their friends, family, and business associates seeing the content. Content that is typically shared the most are exclusive videos, funny photos, and general feel-good stories.

Comments 4x More Valuable Than Likes

Facebook has recently unveiled new metrics that allows us to monitor Shares and Clicks. Shares are a very important aspect of EdgeRank. They take Posts from one user’s feed and immediately seed it into the “Sharer’s” feed for all of their friends to see. This can create a truly viral effect on Facebook. We decided to analyze Clicks and Shares to see how they effect the usual metrics.

We analyzed how many Clicks a Post received against each major metric (Likes, Comments, Impressions). This can give a marketer a basic guideline on how many Clicks (on average) they can expect per engagement type. For example if you’re Post received 2 Likes, the Link on average should receive approximately 6 Clicks. The results are as follows:

  • Avg Clicks Per Like: 3.103
  • Avg Clicks Per Comment: 14.678
  • Avg Clicks Per Impression: 0.005

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