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Success on the News Feed

Learn about the algorithm that determines what's shown on the Facebook news feed.

Facebook News Feed Algorithm

News Feed Algorithm

Why are some posts more successful than others on the news feed? Facebook uses a machine learning algorithm to determine what is displayed on the news feed. The algorithm doesn't have an official name, however it's popularly referred to as "EdgeRank"—the original name of the algorithm.

Affinty, Weight, Time Decay
  • Relationship between
    Fan and Brand
  • Likes < Comments < Shares
  • Lifetime of a Post

Affinity, Weight, & Time Decay

There are dozens of input signals in the algorithm, but it was originally built from 3 components: Affinity, Weight, & Time Decay. Most changes are simply variations of one of these original components. Understanding how EdgeRank was computed in the past helps shed insight into the news feed algorithm today.
Learn more about algorithm signals here.

  • Understand why certain posts did well
  • Learn how to replicate this success

Improve Your Page's Reach

Getting into the news feed organically is all about optimizing for engagement. EdgeRank Checker Pro provides custom-tailored recommendations to improve your engagement. Sit back and allow ERC Pro to analyze your Page and provide actionable steps.

While knowing optimal times of day and day of week is important, ERC Pro has evolved to leverage machine learning to understand the actual content of your posts. Understand how different topics impact your audience, what they're expecting, and how you can capitalize on it.

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