AI Chatbot Software to Truly Transform Your Customer Service

The Socialbakers chatbot completely changes how efficiently messages are handled across all your social media channels. It’s the powerful AI assistance modern teams need to manage millions of conversations 24/7.

AI Chatbot Software

Thousands of Conversations Managed 24/7 in Any Language

Our smart AI chatbot will help you easily handle thousands of incoming queries even when your care agents can’t be there. It will answer them, label them, and if needed, assign them to the right agent. Care teams around the world already save hours by leveraging the latest chabot software to manage their customer engagement.

Easily Programmable, Instantly Actionable

Depending on precisely what is asked, define the steps for any query in an easy to use interface that’s set up to let you quickly prepare hundreds of responses.

Fast Resolution of Top Concerns

The chatbot instantly identifies and answers the most important queries as defined by you, so that your customers get the 24/7 support they expect.

Chatbot Efficiency Tracking and Measurement

Understand which queries are most common or how many customer care cases require escalation to an agent. This way you can fine tune your bot for maximum efficiency.

Seamless Transfer of Complex Cases to Care Agents

When the human touch is needed, the chatbot will instantly escalate a case to the right care agent and transfer all the context they need to resolve the case.

Smooth Integration Into the Rest of the Community Management Workflow

A self service chatbot should assist, not create more confusion. The Socialbakers chatbot integrates seamlessly to the community management workflow of any care team to save hours of work.

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