Fast and Secure Influencer Identification

Influencer identification has never been easier - or more secure. Easily discover genuine influencers and leverage their credibility to connect with audiences in a truly authentic way.

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Effortlessly Powerful - AI Influencer Identification Tool

It’s simple - AI uncovers influencers exactly aligned with your brand goals and quickly filters out the bad fits. Choose ones with the most topic-relevant, active and engaged audiences and you’re set.

Only Match With True Best-Fit Influencers

AI detects best-fit influencers based on your defined audience personas. Find the perfect ones to engage your community with authenticity - don't blow budget on ineffective or fake influencers.

Confidently Track Influencers in One Place

See influencers' key metrics like engagement, followers, post frequency, and interests at a glance - all visualized in one place. Quickly identify top-performers who'll deliver the results you need.

See Best-Fit Influencers First With AI Scoring System

Save hours of time - AI smart searches for, and ranks, influencers by their interests. Best-fit influencers who generate the most engagement around your key topics are clearly displayed at the top.

Due Diligence Done in Minutes

Get specific - find influencers with an up-to-date hashtag and brand collaboration search. See their commercial activities and instantly spot who's building engagement around your key brand topics.

Create Convenient Influencer Shortlists in Seconds

Make campaign planning much simpler. Select the best-fit influencers from your AI recommendations then save them in your campaign portfolio for later discussion with your team and stakeholders.

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