Instagram performance optimization

Optimize Your Paid Content Performance on Instagram

Leverage AI to determine which Instagram posts you should promote for best results. Understand the paid content strategy of your competition to make smarter Instagram investments.

Instagram Performance Prediction & Promoted Post Detection

Use machine learning to eliminate guesswork from your Instagram promotion strategy and only invest in content that will engage your audience. Gather intelligence on the paid Instagram strategy of your competitors and see how effectively they are spending their budget on the platform.

Key Features

Take the guesswork out of your Instagram promotion strategy

Save your valuable time by having AI do the hard work of identifying what content to promote. Accurately predict which Instagram posts will achieve the best results for your brand. Use the assigned grading system, scaling from A+ to D, to determine which posts will receive the highest engagement over the next 3 days. Reduce risk and negative feedback on your Instagram content, lower your costs, and increase your Relevance Score.

Know which Instagram posts your competitors promote

Easily identify all the Instagram content your competitors are promoting, when they are promoting it, and how effectively. See the ratio of their paid versus organic posts and their overall share of interactions to add an extra level of competitive insights when evaluating your own Instagram strategy performance.

Build a complete Instagram paid performance overview across multiple profiles

Compare paid Instagram strategies of multiple profiles side by side to gain a complete view of how your industry or region are spending on Instagram. Add a new layer of Instagram insights to your reporting to make more strategic Instagram investments or ask for additional budget to achieve the results you need.

AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

Understand your audience, create more effective content to engage and grow your customer base, and measure social media’s impact on your business goals.