Listen and Respond to Conversations About Your Brand

Leverage social media listening tools to learn what your community is saying about your business. Increase brand affinity, reduce response times, and measure your success.

Listen and Respond to Conversations About Your Brand

Nurture your communities with social media listening

Put your audiences first with an effective social customer care strategy. Work with your team to nurture your communities, ensuring that no comment or question goes unanswered.

Pick up on brand mentions with social listening

With seamless brand monitoring abilities, you can spot patterns in mentions, allowing you to easily find your brand advocates. See who mentioned a given keyword or query most frequently to find influential community members interacting with your page. Take action to leverage their powerful voices and never miss an opportunity to engage.

Use social listening filters to focus on topics that matter most

Narrow your focus on keywords that are relevant to your business and monitor your brand mentions across Facebook and Twitter. Use social media listening software to mute obstructive noise and narrow in on topics that matter to you. Save time on searching and filter by topic, question or language.

Quicken response times with social media listening

Work as a team to efficiently answer comments as they come in, assigning posts for approval to reduce errors. Oversee all your teamwork with feeds and filters. Navigate through your content by label, competition, assignment, and post grades to focus your efforts effectively.

Add clarity to your analysis with sentiment labeling

Uncover emotions and feelings audiences have about your brand across channels. Listen in on meaningful conversations and measure brand sentiment over time. Label your posts by positive, negative, and neutral sentiment to help piece together the bigger picture and strategize how to build your brand on social.

Measure your customer care performance

Monitor your team's success by tracking key metrics such as average response time. See which of your community managers are on top of their game and share their accomplishments with the rest of the team. Use social media listening and analytics to evaluate your incoming and outgoing direct messages. Ensure that your community is getting the best service possible with automated reports sent straight to your inbox.

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