Boost the Results of Your Paid Social Media Campaigns

Gain clarity and control of your paid social media. Know exactly where the ROI is to focus your strategy and meet your objectives faster.

Paid Social Media Marketing

AI-Driven Paid Social Media Marketing Platform

Get all the paid social media tools you need to boost your paid social media results. With full transparency of your spending and access to up-to-date advertising benchmarks, managing your budget is extremely easy.

Access One Dashboard for All Your Paid Social Media

You no longer have to switch accounts or ask your agency for reports to see spending trends. It's all in one dashboard. You can get granular down to campaign level or compare entire ad accounts instantly.

Gain Full Transparency and Control of Your Budget

Don't spend your ads budget without clearly knowing where it's going or who has the permission to view it. Gaining full control of your advertising is now possible.

Know Exactly Where You Stand

Rely on robust up-to-date benchmarks to see your advertising effectiveness versus your industry or region. You'll always have the latest ad benchmarks right when you need them.

Get Granular to Spot Deep Trends and Zero-In on ROI

Proving ROI is now easy. Simply connect your web and ads data to the Socialbakers platform and instantly gain clarity on what's really making an impact on the business.

Maximize Results With Powerful AI Optimization

Instantly reduce costs and poor feedback on your content - only boost posts that will skyrocket engagement. AI smart-scores posts A+ to D so it's absolutely clear which ones to put budget behind.

Uncover In-Depth Spending Trends of Your Competitors

Easily uncover the paid social media strategy of your competition. Detect what content they are promoting, when, and how effective their investments really are.

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