Instagram performance optimization Instagram performance optimization Instagram performance optimization

Personalize Your Social Media Marketing

Tap into personalized marketing on social media with content perfectly tailored to your target audience.

Instagram performance optimization

Personalized Marketing

Explore your target audience insights and define detailed audience personas, so you can create personalized content for them. Get unlimited ideas for posts aligned with your personas' affinities, interests, and behaviors, pick the right influencers, and deliver content to targeted audience segments with just one click.

Discover audience personas based on in-depth audience insights

Get a granular understanding of your social media audiences that goes beyond demographics; spanning across interests, affinities, content engagement, and more. Leverage marketing automation and cross-channel data integration to see your fragmented audiences organized by personas.

See top-performing posts tailored to your audience personas

Discover unlimited ideas for personalized content from top-performing posts based on your customer personas. Make your creative process smarter by using best performing content as a guidepost, improve work efficiency, and maximize engagement.

Get smart persona targeting recommendations

Leverage AI targeting recommendations for your personas based on interests, affinities, and demographics. Reach the right audience segments with personalized content, achieve better relevance scores, and spend your budget more efficiently.

Access extensive content insights

Monitor and report your content performance across channels and formats. Measure engagement of your organic and paid posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to understand how well they resonate with your audience personas. Track your Instagram Stories and Facebook Live data, and gain access to competitive Facebook advertising benchmarks.

Find social media influencers that match your audiences

Tap into the largest database of influencer profiles on social. Select the right influencers for your audience based on their audience size (micro, macro or celebrity), interests, location, age and gender. Analyze their content, likes, and sentiment of comments to ensure they'll engage your audience and meet your business objectives.

AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

Understand your audience, create more effective content to engage and grow your customer base, and measure social media’s impact on your business goals.