Content Personalization

Connect With Your Audience Through Personalized Marketing

Stop serving your audiences content they don't care about. Use personalized marketing to turn generic content into tailored experiences your audiences will love, and engage with.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Connect with your audience on a whole new level using the power of AI. Have smart algorithms define the persona profiles for your business, deliver countless ideas for the posts the’ll love, and recommend influencers they’ll trust.

Complete picture of your audiences in seconds

Understand who your digital audiences are at a single click of a button. Get a granular view of their demographics, interests, affinities, and behaviors. Have this data organized into personas in seconds and know exactly the strategy you'll need to get their attention.

Know what content your audience personas actually want to see

Get smart persona targeting recommendations

Leverage AI targeting recommendations for your personas based on interests, affinities, and demographics. Reach the right audience segments with personalized content, achieve better relevance scores, and spend your budget more efficiently.

Measure the effectiveness of your personalized content

Discover how well your content is resonating with your audience personas. Accurately measure and compare your engagement across every platform or against your competitors. Keep track of all your content in one place - even your Instagram Stories and Facebook Live Videos - and easily report on your progress.

Find social media influencers that match your audiences

Tap into the largest database of influencer profiles on social. Select the right influencers for your audience based on their audience size (micro, macro or celebrity), interests, location, age and gender. Analyze their content, likes, and sentiment of comments to ensure they'll engage your audience and meet your business objectives.

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