Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Intuitive Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Get a clear and accurate view into audience sentiment on any level - whether it’s your brand, your competition, or a specific post. With Socialbakers’ AI, sentiment analysis has never been easier.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Fully Automated Social Media Sentiment Analysis in 6 Languages

Monitor and analyze sentiment in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and German. Understand how audiences feel about your industry, brand, product, or competition in seconds.

Get a Complete Understanding of Brand Sentiment at Any Level

Instantly visualize audience sentiment for any post, campaign, or topic, so you can understand the emotional impact of your marketing content.

Audit the Sentiment of Everything You’ve Ever Posted

Our AI instantly rates every post on a clear sentiment scale to give you a full picture of what was working in the past and what’s working now.

Easily Track Audience Sentiment Trends

Analyze how audience sentiment towards your industry, brand, product, or competition evolves over time, so you can stay ahead of trends when it comes to your social content strategy.

Prevent Negative Sentiment From Escalating

With automatic sentiment analysis of brand mentions and conversations, it’s easy to address negative sentiment quickly so you can protect your brand and boost the efficiency of your customer care.

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