Add Context to Your Performance With Social Media Benchmarks

Keep an eye on your market to stay competitive. Benchmark your paid and organic social media, ad spend effectiveness, and videos across industries, regions or countries.

Social Media Benchmarks

Social Media Benchmarks

Make strategic decisions based on up-to-date social media benchmarks. Understand how algorithm changes affect your market, estimate your advertising budget more accurately, and ensure every investment gains you more market share.

Performance benchmarks & competitive insights

Put your performance in context by measuring your business against the largest set of industry and competitor benchmarks on organic and paid social media. Easily export overview reports for your meetings and adjust your strategy based on data-driven insights.

Benchmark your ad accounts against the market

See how your Facebook ad costs and effectiveness compare to your industry, region or country. View your ad account metrics in context across the key KPIs of total spend, engagement, (Impressions, Click Through Rate and Actions), ads costs (Cost per Click, Mile and Action), and content performance (Relevance Score and Frequency).

Work with up-to-date social media benchmarks

Replace static quarterly reports with the most recent benchmarks. See how your standing in the industry changes as campaigns unfold, your budget increases or new videos are released.

Benchmark just how good your videos are

Understand your video performance in the context of your industry, region, and country. Be confident knowing your videos are outcompeting your rivals in views and add strength to your video strategy using video view insights inaccessible anywhere else.

Plan your budget more accurately

Meet your business goals by knowing just how much you'll have to spend to be competitive. Be confident that your videos will be supported with enough advertising budget to get you the views you need.

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