Content Hub

One Social Media Content Library for All Your Needs

With the Socialbakers content library, it’s really easy to stay organized. It’s the go-to place to manage your content effectively.

One Social Media Content Library for All Your Needs

All Your Content Assets - One Place

Whether it’s your campaign assets or the content you save for inspiration, it’s now in one flexible library that lets you create as many content collections as you need.

Keep Your Content Organized and Easy to Access

Sharing content across the entire organization has never been easier. Everyone knows where to find the right assets for the right campaign. There’s no more confusion.

Instantly Save Content for Inspiration

Don’t let the best ideas get lost in communication. Instantly save the content you find for inspiration and share it with your team - adding screenshots takes just a second.

Share Content Feedback Instantly

There’s now one place where everyone can leave their feedback regarding content. You can easily upvote any content piece you like or downvote it if you don’t want it to be used.

Easily Connect Third-Party Storage Apps to Your Content Library

Avoid messy cross-app collaboration. You can connect all your content storage systems to one place. Managing your content across the business has never been easier.

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