Dashboards & Reporting

Stay on Top of Your Strategy With Social Media Dashboards

Get an instant overview of your social media performance to find what’s working and fix what’s not. Report on your progress across channels and see how your efforts contribute to ROI using social media dashboards that easily integrate with third-party data.

Social Media Dashboards

Social Media Dashboards and Reporting

Take advantage of easy-to-use preset templates for smooth social media reporting across platforms. Calculate ROI in real-time to see how your social media activities are contributing to your business goals.

Automate and schedule your social media reports

Improve the way you report on your social media performance with cross-platform dashboards. Monitor your performance across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. Schedule and automate your social reports in PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF at the click of a button to get aligned on key KPIs.

Share social media dashboards at the click of a button

Collaborate easier and align on KPIs in seconds across internal and agency teams. Share customizable dashboards in a single click of the button wherever you are, whatever device you're on, to keep your team and management on top of all your marketing efforts.

Customize your social media dashboards

Customize your dashboards to fit the needs of your pages. Integrate third party data to see exactly how your social media activities are impacting your digital marketing efforts. Enjoy a wide selection of social media dashboard templates, equipped with the most important paid and organic metrics.

Track conversions with Google Analytics dashboards

Track the efficiency of your paid social activities and their impact on digital goals like website traffic and conversions with Google Analytics integration. Monitor the effectiveness of your organic performance with additional metrics for the complete picture of all your activities.

Report further with API and Tableau Connector support

Enhance social media reporting by analyzing your performance in the context of your business intelligence data. Track the effectiveness of your digital efforts by measuring your ROI on and off your social media platforms. Connect data from your third party and social media sources for seamless cross-channel analysis.

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