Track Mentions and Trends With Powerful Social Media Monitoring Tools

Get everything you need to have total governance of your brand and the conversations that surround it. With Socialbakers’ brand monitoring tools, you’ll have access to continuous, integrated, and actionable insights across all your channels.

Social Media Monitoring

Effortlessly Monitor All Social Media in One Place

Socialbakers is a unified social media monitoring software for all-channel intelligence. Gain the insights you need to understand your brand, market and audience in full context.

Uncover What Your Audiences Say and Need

Easily track thousands of conversations across all channels to understand what your audiences are saying and the sentiment trends behind those conversations. Uncover insights to what your audiences really need and how your brand can respond to them.

Instantly Understand Campaign Sentiment to Boost Results

No matter how large your multi-channel campaigns are, Socialbakers’ Listening helps you analyze them fast through AI automation. You’ll be able to draw instant insights on what’s working, what’s not, and discover actionable steps to improve your results.

Gain Actionable Insights on Customer Needs

To manage your customer care effectively you need to be able to spot issues quickly. With AI-powered social media monitoring tools that process natural language, you’ll instantly detect issues your customers are having way before they turn into larger problems.

Easily Keep Track of All Your Competitors

Uncover where your competitors are failing and where they are succeeding. Our social media monitoring gives you a 24/7 ability to listen to the conversations happening on your competitor channels, so you always have up to date intelligence on their strategy.

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