Video Benchmarks

Prove You Have a Winning Facebook Video Strategy

Benchmark your videos to see what being the best in your market really looks like. Make the right strategy moves to become a top performer in your industry, country or region.

Video Benchmarks

Videos are a major driver of meaningful interactions on social media. Are yours making a real impact? See the distance you have to go to have the best Facebook video strategy across markets. Know more to achieve more with Video Benchmarks.

Key Features

Benchmark your video success across industries, countries or regions

Use competitive metrics to understand your video performance in the context of your market. Be confident knowing your videos are outcompeting your rivals in views and add strength to your video strategy using never-before-seen video view insights.

Set your video strategy goals based on dynamic benchmarks

Know what it will take to win over the audiences by seeing the distance you have to go and how it evolves by day. Track the video view KPIs that matter to know if you’re delivering value from the most important content format on social media today. Uncover what top video performance in your market means and plan your next move based on your strengths and shortcomings.

Prove you are outperforming the market and ask for more budget

Visualize your video strategy strengths clearly and request additional budget to create more video content that your audiences love to watch. As you adjust your video strategy or add more budget behind it, show that it’s proving to work and your paid video strategy is contributing to your video views overall.

Evaluate the health of your video strategy in one quick-to-access overview

Customize your comparisons and save them all in one place to report to your CMO or clients on video trends and campaigns. Add the Video Benchmarks score to the Dashboard so you can view your Facebook video performance next to critical social media metrics.

AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

Understand your audience, create more effective content to engage and grow your customer base, and measure social media’s impact on your business goals.