• Instagram Performance Quadrant Report

    In an ideal world you can compare your Instagram performance with a competitors’ instantly. So here we are.

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  • Instagram Tracker for Business - Get Started for Free

    Get statistics on your most popular Instagram posts, track your success, and learn what makes your followers double-tap.

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  • Facebook Performance Quadrant Report

    If only you knew what your competitors were up to… And you could model your success on their successes and failures. Oh if only. Now you can! This free competitor comparison gives you instant crystal clear reports.

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  • Facebook Ads Performance Prediction Tool

    How much ROI do you expect? Don’t gamble. This cross-region predictive tool cuts hours of research down to one click.

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  • Social Media Benchmarking Tool

    How do you compare? Hey, take a look and go from here. All of your competitors' Facebook performance laid bare. It’s public. It’s here. So capitalize.

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  • AI Image Recognition

    Engagement only comes when you’re unique, so use the latest AI-powered image recognition software to capitalize on current trends.

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  • Persona Mapping Template

    Your audience is waiting for you to know them. They’re social. You too! So why don’t you have their profile in front of you? Now you do.

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  • Social Media Content Inspiration

    Inspiration doesn’t come easy. Now it does.

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  • Find the Best Halloween Post Ideas in Seconds

    Out of ideas this Halloween? Discover some spooky campaign examples in seconds to boost your engagement this year - just by using this Socialbakers tool.

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  • Spice Up Your Holiday Content This Season!

    Search through the industry's largest content library to get inspired by best-performing holiday posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Give your audience some quality content to unwrap this year!

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  • Discover the Best Black Friday Social Media Ideas With a Click

    Boost your engagement and sales this Black Friday! Access thousands of proven campaign examples with one click - the Socialbakers inspiration library makes it really easy.

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  • Social Customer Care

    Your customers are increasingly taking to social to communicate with you. How well are you able to meet their demand? Our free social media tool allows you to track your public customer care activity to determine if you are effectively using social media to answer customer questions that appear on your public social media profile.

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