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Discover Your Performance Versus Your Competition on Social Media.

Just type the name of your company’s Facebook Page or paste the Facebook Page address, as well as that of your competitor - or any two Pages you want to compare. We will deliver your custom social media performance report in minutes so you can easily understand how well you are using social to nurture customer relationships.

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Know Your Audience

Your future and current customers are on social media - they make up your audience. To maximize the value of your social presence, you need to appeal to your audience effectively. That begins with understanding who and where they are - and the same for your competition’s audience. Find out in which markets you are strong and your competition is weak.

Know Your Messaging Effectiveness

One important measure of the effectiveness of your social media activities is the amount of engagement you are receiving - your messaging effectiveness. Is your messaging more appealing than your competition’s? Is your audience responding to it?

Know Your Messaging Frequency

How often you are able to deliver messaging to your audience has an important impact on the value your social media presence generates for your company. Are you struggling to deliver messaging in a timely, consistent manner? Is your competition delivering their messaging more often than you?

Know Your Best Content

To tap into the full potential of your social media activities, you need to continuously create improved messaging. Understand which messages were the most effective with your audience and see the most successful messages of your competitor.

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