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Why the Buyer Persona is Even More Important on Social Media image

Why the Buyer Persona is Even More…

The buyer’s persona is an age-old marketing practice that has helped companies better connect with their audiences. Now that data is that center of it all, marketers can really shake things up, creating personalized campaigns that hit the bullseye. If you’re one of those companies that’s still building buyer personas based on focus group or surveys - you haven’t gone digital just yet.

How to
Brands Get Better Organic Visibility with Instagram Stories image

Brands Get Better Organic Visibility…

Stories have been captivating audiences across social media platforms, allowing brands and users to give their Followers a glimpse into their life-moments for a limited time. While Instagram Stories usage among users is exploding - brands are still looking for ways to get in on the action. And if you’re one of those brands that hasn’t jumped on the Stories train just yet - you may be missing out on some major engagement.

5 Free Social Media Tools to Bookmark image

5 Free Social Media Tools to Bookmark

If you thought there’s no such thing as a free lunch, think again. Despite the money you have to pay for an all-around social media marketing suite that does everything from A to Z, you can find free social media management tools online that won’t cost you anything. For those marketers that look for a quick and free solution, we have an entire section available. But to make the process even easier, we rounded up the top 5 free tools below:

Which Fashion Brand Would You Like to Date? image

Which Fashion Brand Would You Like to…

Every year brands flock to social media to profess their love on Valentine’s Day. And Fashion Brands in particular know just what to do on social to get their audiences in the mood. We dove into the sea of social media Valentine’s Day data to find out which Fashion Brands were turning up the heat this February, and which ones were playing hard to get. Read on to find out which brand would be the ideal Valentine’s date!