Community Management

Smooth Community Management All from One Intuitive Platform

Speed up all your community management operations. Access one collaborative platform and boost your efficiency across channels.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Organize Your Workflow

Boost Team Collaboration and Efficiency01

The process is now completely streamlined for maximum effectiveness. From answering simple messages to dealing with complex cases, it’s now easy and straightforward.

Team Roles Are Clear and Really Easy to Set Up

Easily assign roles and responsibilities to set your team up for success. A clearly defined process and tasks let everyone on your team stay aligned and focused.

Gain a Full Oversight of All Teams and Agencies

Know exactly what everyone’s working on, and just how effectively they’re managing your care operations.

Assign Team Tasks Easier to Avoid Unresolved Care Cases

Automatic notifications ensure you’ll never miss a post or a comment. As soon as you notice a critical case, assign it to your team instantly.

It’s All Fully Mobile

Avoid being tied to your desk to do all your community management. With Socialbakers, all your critical tasks can be handled directly from your mobile device.

Improve Response Times

Fast All-Channel Community Management02

Handle large numbers of community requests across channels instantly all from one convenient interface.

Lightning-Fast Responses With Custom Answer Templates

Stop wasting time on copy-pasting responses to answer similar requests. Custom templates can be created right in the platform and accessed instantly through shortcuts.

Even Faster Case Handling With Salesforce Integration

Instead of switching through multiple interfaces, log all customer care cases into Salesforce Service and Sales Clouds directly from the Socialbakers platform.

Customize Your View to See Only What You Need To

Organize your community feed to see only specific queries or channels. This way you’ll be focused exactly on the task at hand and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Easily Add GIFs, Photos or Tag Profiles

All your most important tools are accessible directly on the platform. Managing large volumes of queries is now easier than ever.

Understand Brand Sentiment

Access a Granular View of Your Brand Sentiment03

Get an in-depth view of how your audience actually feels about your brand. With clear and instant visual breakdown of sentiment, it’s now easy to spot what’s working and what’s not.

Access a Granular View of Your Brand Sentiment

Get an in-depth view of how your audience actually feels about your brand. With clear and instant visual breakdown of sentiment, it’s now easy to spot what’s working and what’s not.

Avoid Crises and Negative Sentiment

Spot negative conversations before they flare up into crises. AI analyzes the sentiment of all posts to quickly identify if the sentiment is negative, neutral or positive.

AI Analyzes Campaign Sentiment in Seconds

It takes just seconds to compare campaign sentiment and identify where your efforts are having a positive business impact.

Measure Your Efficiency

Easily Report and Measure Your Care Effectiveness04

Add a critical layer of measurement to your community management efforts. Know exactly where you’re succeeding or what you need to focus on.

Analyze Your Performance Instantly With AI

AI labels and analyzes all customer queries for you. Your customer care effectiveness now takes just seconds to analyze.

Gain a Top Down View of All Your Community Management Efforts

Access one unified performance overview. Clear dashboards let you easily see how fast are your response times and evaluate individual team member performance.

Know Exactly Which Requests Take the Most Time to Process

Easily identify the customer queries that are longest to handle and get all the tools you need to speed up the process.

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