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Socialbakers Helps Benefit Cosmetics Leverage Audience Insights to Drive High Engagement Worldwide

Popular beauty brand applies Socialbakers’ AI powered insights to deliver content and influencer campaigns that delight global audiences

New York, October 27, 2020 Socialbakers, the leading social media marketing platform, today announced that one of the most popular beauty brands in the world, Benefit Cosmetics, has been using the Socialbakers platform as one of their key digital analytics tools to help drive greater engagement and deeper relationships with its target audiences. 

Benefits Cosmetics boasts an extremely high engagement rate across its social channels. By leveraging Socialbakers’ audience insights, the brand is able to determine which influencers and content will resonate with their target audience in each market. By combining their local teams’ market expertise with Socialbakers’ real-time audience insights, Benefit Cosmetics is able to take a decentralized, data-driven approach, yielding high rates of engagement across all geographies. On Instagram alone, Benefit Cosmetics has been able to grow its followers by more than 19% across all Instagram handles. It now boasts nearly 21 million followers and consistently ranks among the top 10 beauty brands in the world on the channel.   

“We use Socialbakers to inform our three different content strategies: global, local, and influencer. We’re able to look at the engagement across these buckets, including the different interactions they’re getting. This allows us to recognize local successes and adopt best practices. The holistic view Socialbakers provides is invaluable.”

Rachel Bouvier, Senior Digital Analyst, Global Digital, Benefit Cosmetics

Socialbakers provides a 360-degree view of Benefit’s content channels and how posts in different markets resonate with audiences. It also provides the data-driven insights necessary to calculate the right mix of  influencer, organic, and paid content. Socialbakers’ insights also help Benefit take advantage of changes in the influencer marketing space. 

“People resonate with real people. Right now, we recognize that things are changing, and we’re adapting to the situation. But I would still say that partnering with people that are part of the beauty community, who have deep relationships with a brand, that’s always going to be there. For many brands who work with influencers, the nature of partnerships and objectives may shift, but the core promise of influencer marketing shouldn’t.”

Emily Dybwad, Director of Digital Marketing, Benefit Cosmetics

Being data-driven not only allows Benefit’s teams to work smarter and faster to deliver great content and campaigns, but also empowers them to try new approaches. With Socialbakers insights on their side, the brand is now more open to testing new trends to achieve different outcomes.

“As a global team, we’re able to use Socialbakers to take a step back and look at all of the information that’s coming in across markets to see if there’s a pattern or direction we should pay attention to.”

Emily Dybwad, Director of Digital Marketing, Benefit Cosmetics

“Today’s consumer is digitally grounded and savvy brands like Benefit Cosmetics understand the value of building an engaged and loyal community. By leveraging the Socialbakers platform, Benefit is able to use data-driven insights to understand which content strategies will provide the greatest reach and engagement with their audiences.”

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO, Socialbakers

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