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Socialbakers Q1 2021 Social Media Trends Report shows strong growth with Facebook and Instagram ad spend up 60%

Instagram audiences for the top 50 brands grew 10% during the first quarter, with Instagram audience sizes for top brands now 40% larger than their Facebook audiences

New York, April 21, 2021 Socialbakers, the leading social media marketing platform, today released its “Q1 2021 State of Social Media and CX” report, offering an in-depth look at the social media trends that had the biggest impact on customer experience during the first quarter of 2021. Socialbakers data showed Facebook and Instagram ad spend was up 60% year-over-year — an impressive growth rate after a record setting year for social media ad spend. Facebook’s ad reach grew around the world, up 8% globally and 23% in North America. Advertising costs on the social platforms also grew more than 30% as ad space became more competitive. 

“From what we’ve seen already this year, we predict 2021 will be another big year for social media marketing teams, with social commerce and in-app purchasing capabilities becoming even more important as brands look for new ways to streamline the customer journey. Advertisers doubled-down on their social media ad investments during the first quarter of this year, continuing the same patterns we saw throughout the second half of 2020″.

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, President, Socialbakers

For particular industries, social media ad spend skyrocketed. The auto sector increased ad spend by 102% YoY, the alcohol industry by as much as 81%, and e-commerce by 66%.

Instagram audience sizes also saw major gains, with Instagram audiences up 10.3% for the top 50 brands on the platform. Instagram audiences belonging to the top brands are now 40% larger than their audiences on Facebook. 

“The growth we’re seeing across Facebook and Instagram is a clear indicator that brands are experiencing big wins when they rely on social media platforms to help close the customer experience gap that widened during the disruptions of 2020”. 

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, President, Socialbakers

Socialbakers’ report includes both paid and organic global social media trends that highlight the most crucial touch points across the customer journey, with a breakdown of ad spend by industry, ad reach by region, and social media ad CTR (click-through-rate) growth. The report also digs into key influencer marketing statistics, revealing a 15% year-over-year drop in influencer sponsorships, and offers a barometer on the social issues that took priority across Facebook’s platform during Q1, with the number of Facebook Pages mentioning of Black History Month up 141%. 

The biggest takeaways from the report: The increase in ad costs signals a more competitive environment for brands in the months ahead, with the role of social media becoming an integral part of the pre- and post-purchase customer journey. Socialbakers Q1 data underscores the need for brands to maintain CX strategies across social channels to meet customer expectations and close the CX gap. 

Socialbakers full Q1 2021 State of Social Media and CX report can be downloaded here

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