Influencer Marketing

One Solution for All Your Influencer Marketing Needs

From effortless influencer identification to benchmarking, measuring and reporting campaign performances, the Socialbakers solution has everything you need to succeed.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Simplify Influencer Discovery and Search

Simplify Influencer Discovery and Search01

Finding the right influencers for your audience has never been easier. With AI-driven discovery the critical first step towards success is foolproof.

Have AI Find Influencers for Your Audience

AI analyzes your audience and recommends influencers based on their preferences. You’ll always work with influencers you know your audience trusts.

Access Simple and Intuitive Search to Get More Granular

Find exactly the influencers you’re looking for on Youtube and Instagram. The search is as specific as you need to be. Narrow it down to interests, audience size, and a lot more.

Align Influencers With Your Brand Values

Avoid embarrassing influencer collaborations. The influencer search lets you dive deep into influencer content, their engagement, and past collaborations.

Avoid Wasting Money on Influencer Fraud

Avoid Wasting Money on Influencer Fraud02

Don’t waste your budget on influencers that are faking their metrics. Instantly spot fraudulent activity to ensure all your collaborations are actually effective.

Don’t Fall for Fake Engagement or Follower Scams

Get all the tools you need to identify artificially inflated metrics. Prevent influencer fraud once and for all.

Gain Full Transparency With Connected Influencer Insights

Influencers can easily connect their insights to the platform and share critical performance and audience information with you. It makes collaborations fully transparent and reduces risk.

Uncover Past Influencer Brand Collaborations

It’s never been easier to see which brand have influencers work with before. All brand mentions are clearly visualized in one place.

Start Working With Trusted Professionals

Easily identify which influencers have business profiles so that you only work with those who are transparent.

Speed Up Selection

Improve the Entire Selection Process03

It’s now a straightforward step by step process. Add influencers to your custom lists with a click, add notes, and collaborate across departments. The workflow is set up for efficiency.

Shortlist Influencers for Easy Evaluation Later

It's now so easy to shortlist influencers. Add the best ones to custom lists later and leave notes for your team and wider stakeholders.

Speed Up the Selection With Quick Side-by-Side Comparisons

Evaluate hundreds of influencers quickly. Benchmarking their performance accurately has never been easier.

Boost Productivity With Collaboration Tools

Don’t let important comments get lost in long email threads. Leave notes directly in the platform. Selecting influencers together is now much easier.

Easily Measure Results

Access One Place for All Influencer Campaign Reporting04

Tracking hundreds of influencer campaigns is now easy. All the performance metrics are clearly displayed so you instantly know which influencers are worth your investment.

Get a Quick Overview of All Campaign Progress

Access one dashboard to overview all influencer campaigns. Identifying which influencers are most engaging and bringing the most results for your brand is easy.

Easily Analyze Individual Influencer Performance

Detailed performance views help you understand everything you need about their engagement, content, hashtags, and even other brand collaborations.

Setting Up Your Reports Is Now Quick and Painless

Sharing critical influencer campaign data takes just seconds. Access customized reports that are really easy to follow or have campaign data ready to present with a click.

Enable Insights Sharing for Full Campaign Transparency

See the full performance picture by connecting influencer insights to Socialbakers. Reporting on key data like stories or audiences is instant. Forget screenshots or unreliable third-party reports.


Identify Brand Advocates

Turn Influencers Into Brand Advocates05

Identify the voices that can carry your brand message further. Easily track your mentions and understanding the sentiment behind those important conversations.

Identify Key Advocates in Seconds

Discover which influencers have a positive affinity towards your brand. Understand the impact they have on your brand and if it’s worth investing in those partnerships.

Uncover Vital On-Brand Conversations

Never miss the conversations that matter. Uncover brand advocates igniting interactions around these key topics and use their powerful voices to skyrocket engagement.

Get Started With Socialbakers

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