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30,000+ marketers trust Socialbakers to manage all their social media accounts successfully. It’s an intuitive, reliable, and powerful all-in-one solution.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

All-Channel Management

Manage All Your Channels from One Platform01

Scaling your social media strategy has never been easier. Manage as many channels as you need, all from one collaborative publishing calendar.

Access One Intuitive Calendar for All Your Work

Save energy and time - manage your content planning,scheduling and publishing for every channel from a single drag-and-drop editorial calendar. You can easily schedule stories, carousels, videos or any other format.

Make Cross-Channel Publishing Really Easy

With Socialbakers, executing a multi-channel strategy is simple. Schedule, publish, and analyze posts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest using a single interface.

Smooth Team Collaboration

Improve Team Collaboration and Efficiency02

Forget bottlenecks, delays and unclear objectives. Our social media management tools make it easy to get entire teams in sync, even when it comes to complex and collaborative workflows.

Manage Everything from One Collaborative Content Calendar

With Socialbakers, one intuitive drag-and-drop calendar provides a single source of truth so everyone on your team is always on the same page.

Create Crystal Clear Approval Processes in Seconds

Catch rogue posts, spelling errors, and off-brand content before they’re published. Set up custom approval flows and user permissions tailored to your organization with ease.

Unified Content Feeds

Easily Review Multiple Content Feeds in One Place03

Staying on top of your content has never been easier. Get access to every feed in one place so you can spot trends and measure performance on any channel with ease.

Bring Scattered Content Feeds Together

Conduct all of your content analysis on one content hub - review post performance, measure engagement, and compare metrics across channels all from one interface.

Make Critical Insights Clear as Day

See through all of the noise - Socialbakers highlights the key metrics that clearly indicate what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your content, so you can easily curate the best posts and make immediate improvements to your strategy.

Automate the Tedious Task of Tagging Your Posts

Shift focus from manual work to productive analysis - automate all content labeling across as many profiles as you want, without sacrificing accuracy. Create rules in seconds, then let our AI analytics do the work for you.

AI-Driven Optimization

Boost Engagement With AI-Driven Social Media Management Tools04

Driving more results from your marketing efforts is now easy. Socialbakers’ AI helps you save time, avoid errors, and reduce your costs through effortless optimization.

Skyrocket Impressions With AI Recommendations on Publishing Times

Stop referencing outdated data on when to schedule content - Socialbakers uses your first-party data and predictive analysis to tell you the best time to post specific types of content so you can be confident that you’re always maximizing reach.

Instantly Identify the Best Content to Promote

Our AI identifies your top performing posts based on engagement and traction, and tells you exactly where to spend your budget to maximize ROI.

Uncover the Paid Strategies of Your Competitors

Instantly identify which posts your competitors boost. Gain critical insights into their paid strategy and get a clear view into what works and what doesn’t work for the competition.


Effortless Community Management

Easily Manage Your Community Across any Number of Channels05

Enable effortless management of all your care operations - whatever the size of your team, whatever the size of your community.

Streamline the Entire Community Management Process

Boost the effectiveness of your community teams. From answering simple messages to dealing with complex cases, Socialbakers streamlines every community management workflow and eliminates manual processes.

Speed Up Your Response Times With Chatbot Assistance

Improve customer satisfaction by cutting down the time it takes to respond to customers. AI chatbot will help you automatically handle your most frequent queries so you can focus on what really needs your attention.

Instantly Analyze the Sentiment Behind Conversations

Uncover how your audience really feels about your content and your brand - get detailed visual insights into social media sentiment and track how it evolves, for both messages and comments.

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