Free Social Media Statistics

Our industry-leading database monitors millions of social media profiles daily - that includes all likes, reactions, shares, comments and Tweets between companies and customers on today’s social media platforms. You can use our free statistics to gain insight into the most popular brands filtered by industry and country or try Socialbakers Suite to get the most from our database with comprehensive analytics.

Socialbakers Daily Monitors

  • Profiles monitored
  • Posts and comments monitored

Free Social Media Statistics by Platform

Free Statistics and Socialbakers Suite - Side by Side Comparison

  Free Statistics Socialbakers Suite
Updates Daily Multiple Times per Day
Platforms Monitored
Metrics per Platform Up to 5 50 +
Time Zone Support All Time Zones
Reporting Executive & Custom Reports
Exporting Formats PPT, CSV, PDF, PNG
Historical Data Up to 6 Months Up to 5 Years
Detailed Information Predictive Analytics
Promoted Post Detection
Performance Optimization
Content Inspiration
Social Customer Care
... and more

Regional Social Media Marketing Reports


Understand social media trends within your own market. Select a country and instantly get up to date high level social media data and benchmarks.

Platform Social Media Marketing Reports


Every social media platform is unique. Using this free social media tool you can discover how celebrities, brands, and media pages are performing across the most popular social media platforms. Search through over 100 billion data points to strengthen your social media knowledge now!