Regional Platform Benchmarks and Insights by Industry

Stay ahead in the competitive world of social media with the latest platform benchmark data. Download our latest reports for your industry in your region to get the insights on median social media performance data comparing the current quarter to the previous quarter (QoQ) and previous year (YoY). See how your company’s social media performance compares to the best brands in your industry in your country!

In these reports you will learn:

  • Latest platform benchmarks for your industry in your region for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Understand how your company’s performance compares to your industry in your country
  • Facebook benchmarks for Community Size (total Fans), Engagement (Page Post Interactions), Activity (number of Page Posts), Paid Media (promoted posts as % of all content), and Post Engagement by Type (Interactions per post type)
  • Top 5 performing Facebook Pages for Community Size (total Fans), Community Growth (growth of Fans), and Engagement (Page Post Interactions)
  • Top 3 organic and paid (promoted) pieces of Facebook content by Total Interactions
  • Twitter benchmarks for Community Size (total Followers), Activity (number of profile Tweets), and Engagement (number of profile Interactions)
  • Top 3 Twitter content by Total Interactions
  • Top 5 performing Twitter profiles for Community Size (total Fans), Community Growth (growth of Fans), Engagement (number of Interactions)
  • And more!

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