Twitter statistics for Guatemala

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Largest Audience

Ricardo Arjona ®

Total followers

10 478 132

Prensa Libre

Total followers

1 213 799


Total followers

1 117 792

Fastest-Growing Profiles in Guatemala

Twitter Profiles Stats in Guatemala

Followings 36
Followers 10 478 132
Followings 79
Followers 1 213 799
Followings 965
Followers 1 117 792
Followings 68
Followers 1 113 617
Followings 42
Followers 1 095 916
Followings 384
Followers 910 201
Followings 192
Followers 906 475
Followings 52
Followers 890 223
Followings 53
Followers 830 174
Followings 79
Followers 810 793
Followings 306
Followers 739 353
Followings 13
Followers 680 008
Followings 96
Followers 679 187
Followings 208
Followers 677 656
Followings 152
Followers 653 312
Followings 81
Followers 642 875
Followings 42
Followers 599 334
Followings 23 275
Followers 545 408
Followings 176
Followers 544 861
Followings 49 156
Followers 535 501

Glossary & Metrics Overview

  • Following

    The total number of Profiles followed from a specific Twitter Profile

  • Followers

    The total number of Followers of a specific Twitter Profile

  • Current Twitter statistics

    Here you can see the statistics of the top All Profiles accounts from Guatemala for the year 2018. Take a look at the profiles that have the most ‘Followers’ on Twitter. Currently, the Top Twitter Gainer is Ricardo Arjona ®. If you would like to monitor a specific Twitter profile, please use our Twitter monitoring tool.

  • What is a Twitter Account?

    A Twitter account is a user profile on Twitter. Users can share their thoughts, photos, news, information, or ideas in 140 characters or less. These profiles are usually public - meaning that everyone has access to what users have Tweeted or Retweeted - but can be made private as well. Users can Follow your account (this means subscribing to your posts), and you can Follow other users as well. In your Tweets, you have the option of mentioning other users using the @ symbol. You can also use a hashtag (e.g. #Twitter, #Olympics, etc) to increase the likelihood that your tweet will be seen by other users who are searching that particular hashtag. Hashtags are used to generate trends and increase the virality of a topic. See More

  • What is Twitter Monitoring?

    Twitter monitoring is the use of Twitter analytics tools like Socialbakers Suite to monitor the platform both actively and passively. Passive Twitter monitoring can be paying attention to what people say to discover Twitter users’ preferences, hobbies, etc. Active Twitter monitoring is searching for links to specific brands, businesses, media, etc.

  • What is the Process of Twitter Monitoring?

    Twitter monitoring is used for analysis of your Twitter accounts and the competition. You can observe your growing number of Followers, gain valuable insights into current audience characteristics, and harness this data to identify new target audiences for Twitter campaigns. Moreover, you can view Followers’ statistics in an accommodating dashboard that compares demographics, trends and top interests based on user activity across the Twitter community. You can also filter the data according to different markets, or according to different demographic data. See More

  • Twitter Profiles Monitoring

    On this page you will find the currently monitored Twitter Accounts in Guatemala. Note that we are listing all of the Twitter Accounts according to specific tags. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, try using our search on the left to find a specific one. If you would like to gain valuable insights of these Twitter Accounts or others, please use our Twitter monitoring tool. You can arrange the statistics according to the number of ‘Followers’, or according to the number of users they are ‘Following’. Use this information to better understand how your audience engages, assess your Twitter marketing strategies, and further optimize your Tweets. Find your key Followers, monitor engagement, the change of Followers and your Follower/Following ratio. Enhance your Twitter identity, increase engagement rates, and create insightful graphical reports using Socialbakers Suite. With these tools you can form the best possible Tweets and receive the largest return on investment. See More