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Total views

7 347 557 616



Total views

4 135 638 127

Kids TV HD

Kids TV HD

Total views

4 064 961 919

YouTube Channels Stats

Subscribers 5 300 675
Total uploaded video views
Total uploaded video views 7 347 557 616
Subscribers 4 921 643
Total uploaded video views 4 135 638 127
Subscribers 0
Total uploaded video views 4 064 961 919
Subscribers 2 358 754
Total uploaded video views 3 537 385 396
Subscribers 2 104 030
Total uploaded video views 3 024 740 750
Subscribers 7 188 978
Total uploaded video views 2 180 928 109
Subscribers 6 707 825
Total uploaded video views 1 745 053 591
Subscribers 5 719 726
Total uploaded video views 1 728 358 809
Subscribers 2 010 055
Total uploaded video views 1 517 921 567
Subscribers 986 352
Total uploaded video views 1 470 418 642

Glossary & Metrics Overview

  • Subscribers

    Users who choose to actively receive updates for a selected YouTube Profile

  • Total uploaded
    video views

    The total number of Total Uploaded Video Views over a selected time range

  • Current YouTube Statistics

    Here you can find the statistics of the top Brands channels sorted according to brands for the year 2018. Take a look at the Channels that have the most ‘Uploaded video views’ on YouTube. Currently, the page with the most ‘Uploaded video views’ is LEGO. If you would like to monitor a specific YouTube channel, please use our YouTube monitoring tool.

  • What is a YouTube Channel?

    A YouTube channel is a Channel you can create for personal or business use. First, you have to have a personal Channel on YouTube and then, you can create your business YouTube channel. On your channel, you can inform users about your company, your products, promo actions and everything else you want to share with them. You can for example place a map on your YouTube channel, so your customers will know where to find you. YouTube videos are easily embedded for maximum shareability. See More

  • What is YouTube Monitoring?

    YouTube monitoring is the use of Socialbakers Suite to process gathered data from YouTube. This means posting, responding, and engaging with your YouTube community and then analyzing the results and the results of others.

  • What is the Process of YouTube Monitoring?

    YouTube monitoring is used for analysis of your Channels. You can monitor the growing size of your target audience, gain valuable insights into current audience characteristics, and harness this data to identify new target audiences for YouTube campaigns. In addition, you can follow audience statistics in an easy-to-understand dashboard that correlates demographics, trends and top interests based on user activity across the YouTube community. See More

  • YouTube Channels Monitoring

    On this page you will find the currently monitored brands that have YouTube Channels tagged as brands. Note that we are listing all of the YouTube Channels according to specific tags. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, try using our search on the left to find a specific YouTube Channel. If you would like to gain valuable insights of these YouTube Channels or others, please use our YouTube monitoring tool.

    You can sort the statistics according to the number of ‘Uploaded video views’, number of uploaded videos, number of subscribers or according to the number of YouTube Channel views. Understand your audience, measure your YouTube marketing success and optimize your content. Identify key influencers, monitor engagement and track growth. Optimize your social media presence, increase engagement rates and generate insightful graphical reports using Socialbakers Suite. Use it for tracking user interaction on your YouTube Channel and compare performance. You can publish the best possible videos on your YouTube Channel and earn the greatest response from your YouTube Channel subscribers and viewers. See More