Top 30 CMOs You Need to Follow

Top 30 CMOs You Need to Follow

The Socialbakers’ report highlights the leaders that are pushing the boundaries in marketing. Discover who they are and what they’ve accomplished for the brands they lead.

Top 30 CMOs You Need to Follow

The 30 Most Remarkable Leaders in Marketing

Discover who they are and see what makes their ideas stand out. Each marketing leader was carefully selected based on their accomplishments and the social media performance of the brands they lead.

Supported With Exclusive Socialbakers Data

See how the success of these marketing leaders is reflected in social media data, and find out which brands they are competing against for the top benchmark positions.

Sample of CMOs Selected for the Report

logo Aflac
Catherine Hernandez-Blades photo

Catherine Hernandez-Blades

Chief ESG and Communications Officer, Aflac

logo American Express
Elizabeth Rutledge pohoto

Elizabeth Rutledge

Chief Marketing Officer, American Express

logo Anheuser-Busch
Marcel Marcondes photo

Marcel Marcondes

U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, Anheuser-Busch

logo Burger King
Fernando Machado photo

Fernando Machado

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King

logo Dell
Allison Dew photo

Allison Dew

Chief Marketing Officer and EVP, Dell

logo Diageo
Syl Saller photo

Syl Saller

Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Diageo

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