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Social Media Analytics, Management & Performance

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The most advanced social media analytics, reporting, publishing, and recommendation suite in the industry. Start delivering measurable impact on your community and business today with Socialbakers Suite.

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Empowering thousands of customers with data from 10 million profiles and 10 billion posts
to deliver the most accurate recommendations in the industry.

One Modular Suite For All Your Needs

Social Media Analytics, Reporting & Publishing

Measure my performance against my competitors and my industry across any metrics

Track my progress on customizable dashboards and create reports

Publish and schedule content to my social channels

Enable cross-team collaboration and approvals

Monitor conversations around my company on social media

Competitive Ads Insights & Data Integration

Uncover what, when, and how effectively my competitors are promoting their content

Improve the efficiency of my paid content and demonstrate budget is being used effectively

Prove the business impact of social media and digital by connecting it to Google Analytics

Correlate social and business intelligence using API to demonstrate social media ROI

Predictive Intelligence & Recommendations

Get inspired by the best social media content to create stories that my audiences will love

Publish at the right time to increase organic reach and interactions for each of my profiles

Invest in my best content to maximize ROI by increasing ads effectiveness and decreasing cost

Demonstrate that predictive intelligence is providing recommendations that make an impact on my social and digital performance

Social Media Analytics, Reporting & Publishing

Measure and report on my performance, my industry and my competition on customizable dashboards, and publish to my social profiles.

Gain insights into my social media strategy and see how I measure up against the competition and the industry with Analytics

Report on my performance with ready-made, highly visual reports that can be generated in multiple formats within seconds with Reporting

Monitor my performance and activities across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube in a customizable dashboard. Invite internal and agency team members to my dashboards and share PDF reports withh Dashboard

Plan, schedule and publish my content across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ with Publishing

Competitive Ads Insights & Data Integration

Uncover the paid strategies of my competition, get insights to improve my paid strategy, link my social media and digital performance, and integrate social data with business intelligence to demonstrate ROI.

Demonstrate the value of my social performance and its business impact using end-to-end tracking - from social media to web to conversions - in Dashboard with Google Analytics

Demonstrate that my paid social media performance is contributing to digital and business goals with a streamlined executive Dashboard

Uncover the paid content strategy of my competitors and understand what, when and how effectively they are spending their budget with Promoted Post Detection

Correlate social media data with my business intelligence systems, dashboards, and 3rd party applications through API

Predictive Intelligence & Recommendations

Leverage the power of predictive intelligence in a fully integrated workflow so I know what social media content to create, when to publish it, and which pieces of content to promote to get maximum ROI.

Easily search through the top-performing content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from Socialbakers’ social media content library. Utilize the world’s largest social media database to get ideas for my campaigns, ads and posts with Content Inspiration

Receive recommendations of precise publishing times for each of my posts to my social profiles so I can maximize reach and interactions with PrimeTime Publishing

See how my organic content will perform before I promote it so I can invest in my best-performing posts for the greatest return. Increase my advertising efficiency while decreasing negative feedback and future advertising costs (CPC and CPM) with Post Performance Prediction