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Measuring Ad Spend in Isolation Is Over

Ads Benchmarks Launched!

The paid social media game just got smarter.
Our data scientists have developed the world’s first ads benchmarking feature. Now you can see an up-to-date view of where you stand in a competitive context. This will change how you measure your ad spend and give you a new set of insights for improving your performance. See the impact of your Facebook ads across countries, regions or industries with Ads Benchmarks.

Social Media Investment Reaches Historic High

Marketers are seeing results from paid social media and most are choosing to invest in Facebook. The platform’s advertising revenue has beaten analysts' expectations reaching nearly $9.2 billion in Q2 2017. That is $1.3 billion more compared to the previous quarter,

and almost $3 billion more than last year. Marketers are making record investments on the platform, but how can they get the most from their ad spend across countries, regions and industries?

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Ads Data Shows Smarter Spending Pays Off

Socialbakers data scientists found that to improve the effectiveness of Facebook ads marketers should track their frequency scores. According to Socialbakers’ data, ads which reach users once a day have 15 times higher engagement and are 50% more cost efficient than ads reaching users twice a day. Our tip? If your ad frequency is high, expand your campaigns to broader audiences. Maximize what you can get from your social media investment.

Is Your Ad Quality Impacting Costs?

Ads with a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 1% have a 10 times higher Cost Per Click (CPC) compared to ads with a CTR of 2%. Brands that invest in advertising content quality get the best results from their spend. Looking at a CTR

of 5%, we found that the cost drops more than 30 times. Focusing your efforts on making more high-quality ads personalized to your audience will pay off.