Nurture & Manage Communities on Social Channels

Engage directly with your audience with ease by organizing your workflow using roles and permissions. Deliver excellent customer care with seamless real-time collaboration within your teams.

Nurture Communities

Get the tools you need to deliver the care
your community expects

Use instant community notifications to make sure you never miss a comment or post

Get automatic notifications of the most important community performance indicators. Take action immediately, so it makes a difference.

Answer all questions and interact with your community in one convenient location. Save time and respond promptly without having to switch between platforms.

Oversee all your team work with feeds and filters. Filter content within your feeds by label, competition, assignment, post grade, and more to focus your efforts effectively.

"Socialbakers is an essential tool for those who want to take their social engagement strategy to the next level."

Barbara Iliopoulos
Social Marketing & Community Manager

Understand customer care performance with community reporting

Analyze your incoming and outgoing direct messages to improve your communication over time. Maintain a high standard of customer care by reviewing up-to-date reports.

Measure your average response time and ensure the quality of your messaging is consistently high. Build better relationships with your audience with prompt and reliable communication.

Understand every element of how you interact with your community. Identify gaps in your process that could be improved, both within your team and within customer care.

“We needed a simple tool to help us monitor and measure our community performance with report exporting - and nothing is as easy to use as Socialbakers.”

Alice Peuple
International Social Media and Press Manager

Listen for mentions of your brand across social & join the conversation

See every Facebook Page post and Tweet about any keywords or topics that interest you. Never miss an opportunity to join the conversation about your brand wherever it may be happening.

Search for keywords across Facebook and Twitter, and filter by topic, query, country or language. Keep up to date on trending topics to stay relevant and maintain credibility.

See who mentioned a given keyword or query most frequently to understand the influential community members interacting with your page. Take action to leverage their powerful voices.

“Since we started using Socialbakers, we have been able to grow our customer interactions and deliver more effective customer service faster, exceeding our KPIs in just three months. That is huge value-added to our customers and a significant boost to our business.”

Nazeem Mansor
Guest Relations Manager

Collaborate more effectively internally & with agencies

Easily assign roles and responsibilities to set your team up for success. Streamline your processes and clearly define tasks so everyone on your team is aligned on expectations.

See what’s happening within your community with notifications to respond quickly. Assign posts for approval to reduce errors, save time and work more efficiently.

Collaborate with your team members wherever they are to simplify your work and accelerate productivity. Eliminate the time-consuming feedback loop with external agencies.

“Socialbakers has helped us divide the work by assigning roles for each associate. We assign posts if a fan or a follower asks a specific question that can be forwarded to a specialist who can best answer that question.”

Mohammed Ziad Murad
Digital Marketing General Manager

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