Organize Your Community Management to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Streamline your community management workflow by setting up teams, roles, and permissions. Interact with your audiences and report on your customer care efficiency to build a loyal, engaged community around your business.

Social media collaboration

Improve the organization and efficiency of your team by defining clear roles and responsibilities. Stay on top of your teams' activity by overseeing their work using feeds and labels. Get automatic notifications on the most important community performance indicators and respond immediately.

Assign team roles and responsibilities

Oversee the work of your teams and agencies

Get notifications and assign tasks

Social media customer service

Provide on-point customer care across platforms in a single convenient spot. Analyze your direct messages and monitor your customer service activities with up-to-date reports to keep a high standard of customer communication.

Interact with your cross-channel community

View and manage your messages

Report on your customer care performance

“We needed a simple tool to help us monitor and measure our community performance with report exporting - and nothing is as easy to use as Socialbakers.”

Alice Peuple
International Social Media and Press Manager

Social listening & sentiment analysis

Understand the conversations around your brand happening on Facebook and Twitter. Monitor topics discussed by your audience and easily organize them by sentiment to always give timely, fitting responses. Strengthen brand affinity, improve customer relationships, and spot potential crises before they spread.

Spot popular topics

Monitor the sentiment of online conversations

Find your brand advocates

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