Visualize & Analyze Business Impact of Social to Measure Your ROI

Unleash the value of your social, digital and business data using actionable dashboards and reports. Leverage APIs and Tableau Connector support to integrate business intelligence and web analytics for a single business attribution view.

Visualize & Analyze

Calculate ROI by attributing your digital
and social activity to business goals

Customizable dashboards

Customizable dashboards to create & share

Monitor your performance and activities across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube by integrating 3rd party data, all in one place. Build a customized view or choose from predefined templates to get the most out of social media and business data.

Collaborate with ease with internal and agency team members by sharing custom dashboards at the click of a button. Align on your most important KPIs across teams so that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Export comprehensive, visually-appealing reports tailored to your needs within seconds. Replace tedious manual work and save time with auto-generated PDF exports.

“Socialbakers has fundamentally changed the way that LVMH plans, implements and optimizes our social media and social marketing campaigns. It saves us tremendous amounts of time and resources because it quickly and easily helps us understand how to increase online engagement, increase conversions and build loyalty with the most influential users.”

Thomas Romieu
Group Digital Director

Easy & flexible reporting - generate, schedule, or automate

Be ready for anything with shareable highly visual reports on your social media performance in PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF. Generate client-facing reports with a professional look and feel within seconds to present right away.

Send one-off reports right when you need them. Track your progress over time with scheduled automated reports to keep your team in the know.

Instantly transfer your social media data into organized Excel sheets with a custom plug-in. Choose to export data from a selection of pages, metrics, and time ranges for easy analysis.

“Socialbakers really helps us get an aggregated view on how we’re performing worldwide.”

Matthias Ihnken
Head of Digital

Comprehensive Google Analytics integration

Track the efficiency of your paid social activities and their impact on digital goals like website traffic and conversions with Google Analytics integration. Monitor the effectiveness of your organic performance with additional metrics for the complete picture of all your activities.

Select KPIs according to your needs by customizing preset templates or creating new dashboards. Measure your social ROI by integrating your social and business data all in one place.

View of your Google Analytics data alongside your social media activities. Make smarter tactical decisions and improve your performance and cost beyond social media platforms.

“We use Socialbakers to better understand what we do, to better understand our results, and to improve through data what we will do in the future.”

Borja Castresana
Chief Marketing Officer

API & Business Intelligence Connector

Use APIs and Tableau Connector support to view your social media performance in the context of your business intelligence data. Measure ROI and justify the need to increase social media budget based on its impact on business goals.

Correlate social media data to business intelligence in third-party applications. Demonstrate the value of social media with transparent and comprehensive reporting that takes in more than just social media channels.

Connect data from the profiles you are managing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. Have flexible and complete control over the metrics you are reporting on.

“Socialbakers’ insights arm us with the necessary information to take immediate action to improve customer retention and acquisition.”

Mohammed Ziad Murad
Digital Marketing General Manager

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