Optimize Paid & Organic Social Media Performance

Make smarter marketing decisions across social channels by using AI to discover what to promote, when to publish, and how to optimize your budget. Develop and deliver content that resonates more deeply with your audience and returns real value for your brand.

Social Media Optimization

Make a bigger impact with your audiences by making smarter budget decisions

Optimize your paid social media strategy using competitive insights

Understand the paid strategy of your competition and your industry on Facebook and Instagram using Promoted Post Detection. Know what content they are promoting, when they are promoting it, and how effectively. Use this knowledge to make data-driven decisions about your own budget.

Multi-compare the promotion strategies of social profiles or industries on Facebook and Instagram. Use this broad overview to justify your spend or ask for more budget.

See the relationship between the number of promoted posts and their share of interactions. Improve your paid content efficiency, benchmark your ad spend against the market and make the case for a budget increase.

“Promoted Post Detection in Socialbakers allows us to check if competitors are investing in a specific market or specific area, in a specific area of time. The tool allows us to invest, react, and act.”

Boris Mercier
Head of Social Media

Promote content with confidence for the greatest return with Post Performance Prediction

Use AI to know exactly which organic content to promote on Instagram and Facebook based on predicted future performance. Increase engagement by investing only in your best-performing content and benchmark your Facebook ad spend results to make smarter paid social media investments.

Get actionable recommendations on which posts to promote. Decrease negative feedback incurred from promoting bad content, and increase Relevance Scores on Facebook and Instagram to make future ads more effective.

See your posts graded from A+ to D to promote your best content confidently. Improve your content efficiency while decreasing advertising costs (Cost-per-Click and Cost-per-Thousand).

“Performance Prediction in Socialbakers allows us to invest in content that will have an impact. Using Socialbakers in combination with other tools has increased our conversions by 20% in just one year.”

Carlos Barrera
Marketing Manager

Improve reach & organic impressions with recommendations from PrimeTime Publishing

Get custom recommendations for the ideal moment to publish, tailored to your profiles. Maximize your organic reach and visibility for each of your posts and connect with as many fans as possible.

See the predicted increase in visibility associated with posting at different days and times. Use the Best Time to Publish heatmap to optimize the potential organic impressions you could receive throughout the day.

Track how much reach and visibility you are gaining from following recommendations. See the impressions you have missed out on as a consequence of not publishing at the recommended times.

"Socialbakers allows us to be selective in terms of the content that we should back with budget and to prioritize the posts that should be boosted. It helps us a lot in our work."

Javier Lastarria
Head of Digital Marketing

Get inspired from the world’s biggest social media content library in Content Inspiration

Get inspired by great content from the largest social media content library, housing over 37 billion content pieces across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Browse through the best-performing content to focus your own creative efforts.

Explore and mark your favorite top posts to draw inspiration for future content. Access your inspiration board directly in Publisher when creating content for your specific audience and goals.

Discover how influencers talk about and share the content that matters to you. Refine your search with various filters - from content type to industry.

“Inspiration in Socialbakers allows us to see how other brands or companies in our industry are performing. It's a great tool for discovery. We can easily find content that works and build on that success in our own work."

Carlos Barrera
Marketing Manager

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