Socialbakers Suite / Enterprise Plan

Predictive Intelligence and Recommendations

Fully integrated workflow to improve content performance and demonstrate the business impact of paid social media. Create better content by being inspired by the best on social, know when to publish it, and determine which content to invest in - powered by predictive intelligence.

Get inspired from the world’s biggest social media content library in Content Inspiration

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Get inspired by the best social media content with a searchable content library of over 10 billion Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts

Filter by content type, industry, region and more to find the best relevant social media content

Quickly find ideas for your next great campaign or post

Receive tailored publishing time recommendations in PrimeTime Publishing

Maximize your organic reach and visibility for each of your posts

Get actionable recommendations for when to publish tailored to your profiles

Know exactly how much more reach and visibility you can expect to gain from following recommendations

Know which organic posts to promote for the greatest return in Post Performance Prediction

Recommendations for which organic content to promote based on performance and predicted future performance

Improve content efficiency while decreasing advertising costs (CPC and CPM)

Decrease customer negative feedback and improve Relevance Score

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Social Media Analytics, Reporting & Publishing

Measure and analyze my performance against my competitors and industry, including analyzing the effectiveness of my content across all my audiences. Generate presentation-ready reports in minutes and track my performance on customizable dashboards.

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Competitive Ads Insights and Data Integration

Understand what drives the success of my competitors by analyzing their paid strategy, improve my paid content, and demonstrate budget is being used effectively. Prove the business impact of my social and digital activities with data integration.

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