Measure & Benchmark Social Media Performance

Turn your social media data into actionable insights. Benchmark your ad spend and videos, track Facebook Live videos for any Page, and monitor your business performance across organic and paid social media. Listen to your audiences and measure the sentiment around your brand.

Measure & Benchmark

Understand your audience better
with comprehensive analytics

Performance benchmarks & competitive insights

View your Facebook video and ad spend performance across industries, countries, and regions. Ensure your video strategy is winning over the audiences and that your advertising investments count. Understand your performance in context by measuring yourself against the deepest set of industry and competitor benchmarks on organic and paid social media.

Benchmark the performance of your videos and ad spend to see where you stand in the market. Prove that your videos are outcompeting your rivals in views, view times and types, and paid views. Know that you are advertising smarter than the rest across key metrics of total ad spend, advertising engagement, ad costs and content performance using up-to-date data.

Compare the performance of up to 10 social media profiles at once and see how you stack up against your competitors. Have complete overview reports ready for your meetings within seconds and adjust your strategy based on data-driven insights to ensure you’re reaching your audience effectively.

“Socialbakers is an invaluable asset for competitive reporting. We are able to easily get an overview of the marketplace and identify best performing content from our immediate competitors as well as top social media brands within our market so we always know where we stand."

Rod Strother
VP of Digital Experience

Comprehensive social media analytics

Analyze your performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Track and measure the performance of Facebook Live videos for any Page. Monitor and report on your progress over time and against the competition.

Track more than just native metrics and ads metrics to understand your performance on social. Customize your dashboards according to the KPIs that are most important to your business. Share detailed reports explaining how social media is affecting the bottomline and how you compare against your competition and industry.

Playback video analytics for the Facebook Pages you choose to monitor. See how views and interactions evolve second-by-second. Learn how you can increase organic reach and improve your Facebook Live videos.

"Socialbakers is helping us to take decisions in real time, comparing, benchmarking, and analyzing all the information, all the KPIs important to take decisions, take actions and increase the numbers.”

Andrea Galli
Global Digital Marketing Advisor - DAT Manager

Ads analytics & benchmarks

Get a quick overview of your overall ad spend as well as key KPIs like Cost-per-Click and Cost-per-Engagement. Fine-tune your budget, spend smarter, and maximize the value of your ad strategy with high quality content.

Track the evolution of your Facebook Relevance Score so you can continuously optimize your ads, content quality, and targeting. See which content resonates the most with your audience and do more of what works.

Filter through all of your promoted posts according to post type, date, and more to reflect on the performance of specific content types or campaigns you’ve run. Use this feedback to reshape your messaging and improve audience engagement.

“The beauty of Socialbakers is that we can look through all of our accounts across channels at the same time and get a big-picture view before diving in. We don’t need to jump from one tool to another. In Socialbakers we have it all in one place.”

Yousif Al Fara,
Head of Marketing for MENA and Regional Channels

Social media listening

See every Facebook Page post and Tweet about any set of keywords or topics that interest you. Monitor what people are saying about your brand and join the conversation or make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

Search for keywords across Facebook and Twitter, and filter them by topic, query, country or language. Keep up to date on trending topics to stay relevant and maintain credibility.

See who mentioned a given keyword or query most frequently to understand the influential community members interacting with your page. Take action to leverage their powerful voices.

“Socialbakers helps us measure, analyze, and understand how our customers interact with our brand. And by doing this we are able to move from engagement as attention to interest, then to desire, and finally to action.”

Tarek Metwally
Head of Digital

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