Socialbakers Suite / Professional Plan

Social Media Analytics, Reporting & Publishing

Comprehensive social media analytics with accurate competitive and industry benchmarking, best-in-class reporting, customizable dashboards and easy multi-channel publishing.

Deep social media analytics

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Analyze your performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and VKontakte

Compare your social profiles against competitors and the industry

Track all native metrics and ads (plus many exclusive metrics) in customizable dashboards

Easy and flexible reporting

Generate reports quickly and easily in a variety of formats - PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and PNG

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Schedule automated custom reports to be delivered weekly, monthly or quarterly to recipients of your choice

Visually appealing, clear and comprehensive reports produced within seconds

Customizable dashboards

View all of your social media data in a single place

Create fully customized dashboards within minutes

Monitor the metrics that matter to you and your social profiles

Multi-channel publishing

Plan, schedule and publish content to all your social media channels

Supports major channels - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Collaborate with internal and agency colleagues and make use of flexible user rights management

Facebook ads analytics

Get a quick overview of your overall ad spend as well as key KPIs like CPC and Cost per Engagement

Track the evolution of all your ads’ average Relevance Score so you can continuously optimize your ads

Filter through all promoted posts according to post type, date, and other criteria

Social media listening

See every Facebook Page post and Tweet about any set of keywords you want to track

Search for keywords across Facebook and Twitter, and filter them by topic, query, country or language

See who mentioned a given keyword or query most frequently

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Competitive Ads Insights and Data Integration

Understand what drives the success of my competitors by analyzing their paid strategy, improve my paid content, and demonstrate budget is being used effectively. Prove the business impact of my social and digital activities with data integration.

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Predictive Intelligence and Recommendations

Know what to post, when to publish, and what to promote for each of my social profiles. Fully integrate social and business data across my organization to show that my social media activities are making a real impact.

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