Manage How You Create & Publish Social Media Content

Engage and grow your audiences with great content. Leverage AI to gain inspiration and gather recommendations for creating engaging content. Collaborate across teams using dynamic calendars to schedule and execute your campaigns.

Create & Publish Content

Create great stories that your audiences will love

Content inspiration at your fingertips

Get inspired by great content from the largest social media content library, housing over 37 billion content pieces across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Browse through the best-performing content to focus your own creative efforts.

Explore and mark your favorite top posts to draw inspiration for future content. Access your inspiration board directly in Publisher when creating content for your specific audience and goals.

Discover how influencers talk about and share the content that matters to you. Refine your search with various filters - from content type to industry.

“Inspiration in Socialbakers allows us to see how other brands or companies in our industry are performing. It's a great tool for discovery. We can easily find content that works and build on that success in our own work."

Carlos Barrera
Marketing Manager

Flexible internal & agency collaboration

Easily assign roles and responsibilities to set your team up for success. Streamline your processes and clearly define tasks so everyone on your team is aligned on expectations.

See what’s happening within your community with notifications to respond quickly. Assign posts for approval to reduce errors, save time and work more efficiently.

Collaborate with your team members wherever they are to simplify your work and accelerate productivity. Eliminate the time-consuming feedback loop with external agencies.

"With Socialbakers we can streamline our social media processes and easily collaborate with our teams and agencies across the country. Sharing data and scheduling content has never been more efficient."

Carlos Barrera
Marketing Manager

Multi-platform publishing

Work smarter by posting to all of your social media channels from one convenient interface. Reduce errors and stress with a user-friendly publishing experience.

Easily access all your favorite posts from different platforms as you develop your platform-specific messages. Simplify your workflow by posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ from one publishing platform.

Streamline your process from creation to execution. Collaborate across teams using dynamic calendars. Organize your scheduled and historical posts for more efficient campaign planning. See how your posts will appear before you hit ‘publish’ with built-in mobile and desktop previews.

“Socialbakers is critical to us because we can program content and prepare a monthly global strategy.”

Victor Díaz-Roig
Head of Community Management

Dark post publishing

Consolidate your social media marketing strategy by publishing your public and targeted Facebook posts from one place. Take advantage of the ease and transparency of having everything in one convenient place.

Learn from your organic and paid post performance in a filterable content newsfeed. Focus on what's working and adapt your tactics accordingly.

Measure your content effectiveness by tracking the evolution of your Page’s Facebook Relevance Score. Hone your message to increase audience engagement.

"Socialbakers has empowered us with the right tools to engage our community and to tailor the right content for the right customer at the right time.”

Tarek Metwally
Head of Digital

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