Simple & Smart Social Media Management

Manage your social media accounts and their performance all from one platform. Streamline how you work and plan to optimize your social media marketing.

Analyze your social channels & benchmark their performance

Turn your social media data into actionable insights. Analyze your audience, your content, and advertising performance. Benchmark your organic posts, ad spend effectiveness, and videos. Track Facebook Live broadcasts for any Page, and monitor your results across organic and paid social media.

Understand your audiences

Analyze your content

Benchmark where you stand

Optimize your social media performance

Manage social media accounts smarter by using AI to discover what posts to promote, when to publish them, and which audience segments to target. Optimize your budget and deliver content that resonates with your audiences better.

Know when to post

Optimize your ads budget

Know what to post

"With Socialbakers we can streamline our social media processes and easily collaborate with our teams and agencies across the country. Sharing data and scheduling content has never been more efficient."

Carlos Barrera
Marketing Manager

Manage social media scheduling and publishing

Reduce the time it takes to plan and execute your strategy. Post to all your social media channels from one interface. Manage all your social media posts in one calendar to have a clear oversight of what’s been published and what’s coming up next.

Post across social media platforms

Target audiences through dark posts

Organize your publishing calendar

Simplify influencer management with automation

Automate how you work with influencers. Choose influencers that are most compatible with your audience based on AI recommendations. Easily gauge their engagement and track their KPIs when managing your social media influencer campaigns.

Make influencer discovery easier

Track key influencer metrics

“We use Socialbakers to better understand what we do, to better understand our results, and to improve through data what we will do in the future.”

Borja Castresana
Chief Marketing Officer

Measure ROI and manage your ad spend

Calculate ROI by attributing your digital and social activity to business goals. Create customized dashboards and reports to visualize your impact on the business. Give context to your advertising spend - see how it measures up against your industry, country or region.

Customize dashboards the way you want it

Track ads metrics and conversions

Benchmark your ROI

Flexible internal and agency collaboration

Have your team work as one and bring your social media efforts together. Easily assign tasks, approve posts, and manage content with your team in one cross-platform calendar. Stay on top of your community management, respond faster, and ensure all customer queries are answered on time.

Assign team roles

Simplify community care

Approve posts and manage a team calendar

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