Track Conversations Around Your Brand With Social Media Monitoring

Follow topics important to your audience and understand the sentiment around your brand with social media monitoring. Organize millions of conversations happening on social by labelling comments and posts.

Social media listening

Monitor conversations across social media by tracking the keywords that matter to your business. Zero in on brand advocates to understand how they’re influencing your audiences. Ensure all your community’s posts are answered and on time.

Understand what sparks conversations

Know who’s mentioning your brand

Social sentiment analysis

Get a feel for the kind of conversations your audiences are having. Label and analyze the sentiment behind every discussion, comment, or post to be able to respond in the right way and spot any potential crises before they happen.

Label posts by sentiment

"Before Socialbakers, we had to find cool pages and then go through their content one by one and try to see what’s working and what isn’t in terms of content. Now we can just search a keyword or phrase and find all of the best content around any topic. Socialbakers makes content creation a lot easier for us."

Javier Lastarria
Head of Digital Marketing

Monitor and measure social mentions

See the data behind conversations happening around your brand on Facebook and Twitter. See where your brand excels and know where you need to pay more attention. Add order to conversations by applying sentiment labels.

Streamline community workflow

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