Audience Analysis

Audience Analytics That Perfectly Map Personas for Your Business

Simplify your audience research with an AI-driven platform. In a matter of seconds, identify the right persona profiles for your business based on your digital and social media data.

Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics

Easily tailor your strategy to attract the right audiences into your marketing funnel. Let AI identify the key persona profiles for your pages, campaigns or even post types.

Uncover accurate digital and social media persona profiles

Know exactly who your personas are by unifying your digital and social media audience research. Understand their interests, affinities, and influencers, learn how to reach them and with what content.

Gain insight into their affinities and likes

Understand what your persona profiles are most likely to engage with and where. See what content performs best on those channels and use it to create better marketing campaigns.

Work with up-to-date audience data

Always know that you're caught up with what your audiences are interested in. Connect your social media and digital data in one place to build a holistic and up-to-date view of your personas or easily report how your audiences evolve over time.

Automate the most difficult parts of your persona profile research

Save time by having machine learning define persona profiles or your business in a matter of seconds. Streamline your workflow, be more agile in your strategy, and respond to market trends faster.

Analyze the personas of entire campaigns in a single click

Ensure that your campaigns attract the right people into your marketing funnel. Know exactly which personas are interacting with each campaign using a fully automated AI-driven audience analytics tool. Track how your personas evolve over time and tailor your content to grow lasting relationships with your community.

Fine-tune your strategy based on actionable persona insights

Once you have access to your accurate personas, take action. Use AI to personalize content, automate your targeting, and uncover which influencers your audience trusts - all within one convenient platform.

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