Audience Segmentation Audience Segmentation Audience Segmentation

Segment Your Audiences With AI

Segment your social media and digital audience to identify the key persona profiles for your business. Target your audience easier and more accurately.

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Use machine learning to segment your customers across channels in one platform. Uncover what makes your audience segments unique by visualizing their affinities, interests, behaviors, location, and demographics.

Leverage omni-channel data to understand your audience

Consolidate your fragmented audience data to get a holistic view of who your audiences are. Reduce time spent on research with instant access to your audience segments. Create better content for your audiences and enrich your paid promotion strategy with more personalized ads.

Match your audience segments to the perfect influencer

Bring a one-to-one approach to your strategy through influencer marketing. With access to a database of millions of profiles, you’ll be able to zero in on influencers your audience trusts and amplify your reach. Find the right micro or macro influencers to align your brand with the perfect ones.

Personalize your social media content to fit your customer segments

Tailor your content to the right persona. Use advanced filtering to segment your audiences based on their personalities and behaviors. Rely on data-sound audience segments across all of your marketing activities from print to digital.

Optimize and measure your targeted content

Make sure your personalized posts are seen by the right audience segment with advanced targeting capabilities. Monitor how your segmented posts are performing and boost only your best with an AI content grading system. Label your posts according to your persona to track and compare the effectiveness of your strategy.

AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

Understand your audience, create more effective content to engage and grow your customer base, and measure social media’s impact on your business goals.