Audience Segmentation

Discover Your Marketing Personas with Audience Segmentation

Discover accurate marketing personas for your business using AI-powered audience segmentation. Get exactly the insights you need to create personalized marketing campaigns that convert faster and cheaper.

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Save time with an AI-powered audience segmentation platform. Uncover what makes your persona profiles unique by visualizing their affinities, interests, behaviors, and demographics - all in a single click.

Understand your audience personas based on omnichannel data

Consolidate your fragmented audience data to get a holistic view of who your audiences are. Reduce time spent on research with an instant access to your different marketing personas. Connect with your social media community on a deeper level through relevant content, and target your posts more accurately for better results.

Uncover niche marketing personas you didn't know existed

Boost your results by attracting new audience segments to your business. Easily discover which personas are interacting with your campaigns, track how they change over time, and tailor your strategy to their evolving affinities, interests, and behaviors.

Match your audience segments to the perfect influencer

Bring a one-to-one approach to your strategy through influencer marketing. With access to a database of millions of profiles, you'll be able to zero in on influencers your audience trusts and amplify your reach. Find the right micro or macro influencers to align your brand with the perfect ones.

Easily tailor your content to the right persona profiles

Know exactly what your content strategy should look like. Personalize your content to be more relevant to your marketing personas based on AI recommendations. Eliminate guesswork and rely on data-sound persona profiles across all your marketing - from print to digital.

Optimize and measure your targeted content

Make sure your personalized posts are seen by the right audience segment with advanced targeting capabilities. Monitor how your segmented posts are performing and boost only your best with an AI content grading system. Label your posts according to your persona to track and compare the effectiveness of your strategy.

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