Zoom in on Facebook Live Video Performance

Learn what makes a compelling Facebook Live video. Discover how audiences are interacting with your and your competitor’s Live videos using play-by-play analysis.

Live Video Analytics

Track Facebook Live videos for any Page. Get a second-by-second view how interactions evolve on any Live video to zero-in on the moments that spark engagement.

Compare your Facebook Live videos against competitors

Playback videos for the Facebook Pages you choose to monitor. Know that you will never miss a key Live stream from your competitor, and see how their audience interacts with their Live content from the start to the end of the broadcast. Even after the Live event is over, have this data available to analyze.

Know what defines an engaging Facebook Live video

Gain insights on audience engagement of your and your competitor's Live videos. See how views and interactions evolve second-by-second. Improve your future Live broadcast by knowing exactly which moments get the audience's attention.

Give your Facebook Live Videos extra visibility

Extend your organic impressions by knowing exactly when to start your Live streams. Plan your Facebook Live events based on data and know that each time you'll go Live when your audiences are most likely to tune-in.

Clearly visualize Facebook Live video performance KPIs

Access Facebook Live video metrics, reactions, and comments quickly so you can fine-tune your Live strategy faster. Have data ready for your meetings, and prove that your audiences love the content you create.

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