AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Platform

Get everything you need to succeed, from cross-channel analysis to content planning to smooth execution and community management. Socialbakers is the go-to place for all teams.


Advanced Audience Analysis

Access AI-driven persona mapping to instantly understand your audiences. Uncover their interests, affinities, influencers, and content preferences - all in one powerful platform.

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End-to-End Influencer Marketing

Everything you need to run successful influencer marketing campaigns. From AI-driven discovery to tracking to measurement, it’s now all in one platform.

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Unified Content Feeds and Insights

Bring all your content together into one Content Hub. It’s the go-to place for all feeds, insights, and competitive intelligence for everyone in your marketing department.

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Easy Publishing & Scheduling

Running your multichannel strategy has never been easier. All your editorial planning, scheduling, and publishing are now done in one calendar - and managed on the move from your mobile device.

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Precise Analytics and Benchmarks

Know exactly where you stand on social media. Understand everything you need to know about your organic or paid performance and access up-to-date benchmarks to gain critical context.

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Smooth Community Management

Improve your team efficiency and community care. The platform gives you all the tools you need to manage your cross-channel community easily.

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