Community Care

Take Customer Care and Experience to the Next Level

Get the key insights you need to provide world-class care at scale. Connect your communication channels in one place and instantly discover what your audience really needs.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Organize Teams and Tasks

Effortless Governance of Your Multi-Channel Community01

Get everything you need to have complete control of your multi-channel care. From adding robust security measures to boosting team efficiency, it’s one solution for all your needs.

Set Your Team Up for Success in Second

Stop inconsistent community management and quickly build audience trust. Structure your team collaboration and assignments with ease so every query is dealt with on time.

Avoid Critical Mistakes by Adding Permission Levels

Catch rogue posts, spelling errors and off-message content before they’re published. Structure approval flows and permissions with ease. Ask for changes or greenlight when it’s good.

Every Post Labeled, Organized and Analyzed by AI

Shift focus from manual work to vital analysis. Automate content and message labeling across all your profiles. Create flexi-rules in seconds, then let automation do the work.

Align Your Messaging With Custom Templates

Always know that your teams respond to your community with correct messaging. It’s now so easy to create custom response templates that help you stay consistent and respond faster.

Fully Understand Your Community

Fully Understand Your Community’s Needs02

Get a 360-degree overview of where to focus your community and customer experience efforts. Get full transparency into your audience’s preferences and sentiment trends.

Discover Audience Conversations Vital to Your Brand

Hear everything your audience talks about then jump into key conversations to guide the narrative. Choose your own search filters to quickly find conversations vital to your brand.

Know Exactly What Your Community Cares About

Understand their interests, affinities, and influencers. You can be confident that your messaging and care will always be aligned with your audience’s needs.

Uncover Vital Sentiment Trends to Understand Your Brand Image

Understand how customers perceive your brand. Analyze the sentiment of each post, campaign or product launch and track how it evolves to boost engagement and satisfaction.

Provide Speedy, Efficient Care

Boost Care, Speed, and Team Efficiency03

Don’t waste time switching between platforms or turning your audience off with inconsistent messaging. Show audiences you care with timely and personalized communications.

Organize and Get Full Control of Your Direct Messaging

Effortlessly organize and streamline your customer care. Monitor all incoming and outgoing direct messages then add statuses, responsible team members, labels and notes for full clarity.

Process Customer Cases Faster Than Ever

Connect your CRM to Socialbakers platform to streamline all your customer and community operations. Manage your community with true clarity and a holistic one-hub approach.

Provide Fast and Efficient Care With Response Templates

Reduce inconsistent messaging and damaging off-brand communication with handy response templates. Protect your brand perception with confidence while saving valuable time.

Boost Team Productivity and Efficiency

Enable smooth team collaboration. Now everyone in your care teams can communicate, leave notes, and deal with queries much faster - all in one place.


Get the Insights You Need to Improve

Get the Insights You Need to Improve04

Get even more efficient at providing customer care by analyzing your performance across all platforms and channels, then reporting crucial team and performance metrics with a click.

Gain Crucial Insights into Team Performance

Instantly understand where you can better support your community. Spot where to improve service by tracking your team’s key performance metrics across all community channels.

Understand Where You Need To Get More Efficient

Get the data that shows you exactly which tasks take longer to complete or which processes are stopping you from providing the care your customers need, and fix them fast.

Report on the Data that Really Matters

Get crucial insights by slicing and dicing your data any way you want. It’s easy to schedule and send reports with a click to keep stakeholders in the picture, wherever they are.

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