Listening and Intelligence

Uncover the Critical Conversations and Behaviours in Your Market

Access the intelligence you need to succeed. Whether it’s your audience, competitors or brand advocates, know the real impact they have on your brand.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

Access AI-Driven Listening

Social Media Listening Driven by a Powerful AI Engine01

Stop wasting time on manual and difficult data collection across channels. The Socialbakers solution automates all content and comment tagging to let you access critical intelligence instantly.

Set Precise Rules on How You Want AI to Tag Your Content

The solution is fully customizable to your needs. Set precise labeling rules for your content so it’s organized exactly the way you want it.

Al Will Label Every Post and Comment Instantly

Forget the tedious task of labeling all your content. AI does it for you and lets you access the critical analysis of your content in seconds. You’ll spot key trends much faster.

Take Control of Your Brand Image

Take Control of Your Brand Image and Reputation02

Understand how your audiences perceive your brand. Identify negative or positive trends instantly to avoid damaging your brand image and focus your strategy.

Easily Check Your Brand’s Health Across Channels

Discover what really interests your marketing personas and how strong those affinities are. Creating the right content for the right audience is now extremely easy.

Access a Clear Sentiment Trends Overview

Enter one dashboard to track all sentiment trends. Whether it’s down to the post level or a view of your entire campaign, it now takes just seconds to analyze key sentiment trends.

Effortlessly Track Your Brand Mentions

Know exactly where your brand is mentioned, in what context, and how it affects your brand perception. Easily track the most critical keywords and queries.

Uncover Critical Audience Conversations

Uncover Critical Audience Conversations03

Never miss an important audience conversation again. Know exactly what your audience cares about so that your brand message is always on target.

Identify the Topics That Really Matter to Your Audience

Discover what really interests your marketing personas and how strong those affinities are. Creating the right content for the right audience is now extremely easy.

Instantly Spot the Most Important Trends

Never again discover that you’re behind a trend that everyone follows. Instantly identify which conversations are critical and what exactly is the sentiment behind them.

Discover Which Influencers Are Key to Your Business

Identify the powerful voices in your industry. AI discovery will point out exactly which influencers your audience trusts, what are their interests, and who they’ve worked with.

Understand Your Brand Sentiment

Know Exactly What Your Brand Sentiment Is04

Understand how your audiences perceive your brand. Identify negative or positive trends instantly to avoid crises and point your strategy in the right direction.

Clear Breakdown of Your Brand Sentiment in One Dashboard

Having a clear insight into your brand sentiment is now easy. Access one fully customized dashboard to track your brand sentiment across any number of channels.

Gain Granular Sentiment Insights for Every Post and Comment

Get exactly the details you need about the sentiment of any comment or post. You’ll know what content causes your audience to react negatively and why.

Easily Identify Emerging Crises

Negative sentiment trends on posts or campaigns now take just seconds to uncover. You’ll instantly see what’s causing issues before your brand image is damaged.

Access Crucial Consumer Insights

Access Vital Audience and Consumer Insights05

Get all the intelligence you need to really understand your audience and their perception of your brand - from web to social media.

Discover What Are the Interests of Your Marketing Personas

Know exactly what each of your marketing personas are interested in. Get a detailed view of their actual interests, affinities, and influencers.

Instantly See How Your Campaigns or New Products Are Perceived

From content engagement to the audience’s sentiment to what’s being said, get all the intelligence you need to understand how successful are your campaign efforts.

Uncover What’s Actually Driving Purchase Intent

Effortlessly integrated your web and social media data to understand what’s really driving revenue growth. See a clear attribution of your efforts in one dashboard.


Gain Deep Competitive Intelligence

Gain Deep Insights on Your Competitors06

Understanding the performance of your competition now takes just seconds. You’ll instantly uncover the sentiment around their content, their influencers, and their overall brand perception.

Know How Your Competitors Are Perceived

Understand how their audience feels about their brand. Whether it’s positive or negative sentiment, uncover their trends instantly - even quicker than they do.

Uncover Their Critical Mistakes and Errors

See a unified view of all the content they publish. With access to a daily customized feed of their content, you’ll instantly spot their mistakes and focus your own strategy.

Instantly Spot Important Influencer Collaborations

Know who’s working with what brand and just how effective those collaborations are. Tracking your competitors’ influencer strategy is now so simple.

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