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Social Media Analytics Tools for Success

With unmatched social media analytics and the industry’s most comprehensive competitive benchmarking, Advanced Analytics has a wealth of performance data and the knowledge to make sense of it to improve your strategy and execution.

Compare your social media marketing performance to the competition

Benchmark your performance against your competitors and dozens of industry and regional benchmarks using the flexible Multicompare. Get insights into what works and incorporate best practices into your strategy.

Easily create reports and track your performance

Your stakeholders want to see intuitive reports that analyze your social media performance in detail. Generate best-in-class reports with more than 100 KPIs, delivered regularly to your or anyone else’s inbox.

Competitive intelligence into paid social media strategy

Understand the paid content strategy of your industry and your competition with Promoted Post Detection Find out which pieces of content are being invested in and how well your own and competitors’ paid content is performing. Determine whether you are promoting efficiently and make the case to increase your budget if you are in a highly competitive paid environment.

Improve your social media ads

Measure your ad performance along with your page and content performance with Ads Analytics. Evaluate their effectiveness across platforms and make more informed decisions about your budget’s allocation.

Never miss a conversation across social media

Turn the data in Advanced Analytics to real-time publishing actions with Listening. See what competitors publish and what people say about your company and your market. Improve audience engagement by reacting to feedback and mentions with relevant content and experiences.

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